20-20 Catalogues Are Available Inside “Account/Online Ordering”

  1. Close all 20-20 applications.
  2. Download the .zip file from your “Account/Online Ordering” area.
  3. From the 20-20 toolbar, choose “Catalogue”.
  4. Choose “Install a catalogue from archive (zip)”. This will launch the Catalogue Install Wizard. Click “next”.
  5. “Select Archive Catalogue to Install,” click on the “…” button.
  6. Choose the zipped file from the location you saved it and double click on it. (It will show up in the “catalogue” dialogue box at the top of the screen). Click “next”.
  7. On the “status” screen, click Start. This will start the catalogue installation and may take a minute or two.
  8. A dialogue box will pop up letting you know the catalogue has been successfully installed. Click “OK” and you’re finished!

Note: This 20-20 catalogue will be updated from time to time. You are responsible for keeping a current version on your system. Cabinetsmith cannot be responsible for old versions of the 20-20 catalogue on dealers’ systems. Colours will not be exactly as shown in catalogues. There will be some variation between shown/printed colour and actual colour. To be certain, please order a sample door.

Click Here for a PDF of HOW TO UPDATE YOUR 20-20

Designed to fit within a small footprint,
your vanity display dimensions are:

33.5” WIDE X 44” HIGH X 5.5” DEEP

Your display comes with 10 of the best selling doorstyles
from SELECT & IMPRESSION series.

Every door comes labeled with its Series
offering and vanity / top configurations.

Showcase all x16 NEW hardware options
available with every Vanity order.