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As a manufacturer of Kitchens, our mission is to be the supplier of choice for quality Canadian Made cabinetry that is both stylish and affordable.

When you buy Cabinetsmith kitchens you can rest assured that over 95% of the components are locally sourced and manufactured in Barrie, Ontario.

We are truly a “Proudly Canadian” company committed to quality and sustainability.

Begin the journey for designing your kitchens by choosing from one of our series.

Your kitchens start with our Professional Design Team…

Send Us Your Layout and Style Choices

Give your measurements to your dealer with your choice from our style and colour collections to have your no charge design completed.
Already have a design in mind, no problem we can convert your kitchen designs into a selection from Cabinetsmith in less than 48 hrs.

Looking for Unique Accessory Options and Upgrades?

Cabinetsmith offers a full range of space saving and functional in cabinet accessories

Wine Logic

Wine Logic’s horizontal design preserves wine in the best possible conditions. Corks remain moist and swelled which keeps wine
away from unwanted contact with the air. The shade of cabinet storage also keeps light from effecting your wine. Simply pull out
one of the full-extension, ball-bearing shelves and choose the wine you want.

All White Kitchens Do’s and Don’ts

By far, white is still our best selling colour in every door style we offer.  So, it’s probably time we should talk about the All White Kitchen trend we’ve been seeing for the past year or so.

Here are a few items we think you should consider when planning an all white kitchen:


Consider texture.  A white slab door with plain white countertops, white paint and minimal lighting can make your kitchen look more like a surgical suite than the heart of your home.  If you’re thinking all white, consider a 5-piece door

(like our Elegance Shaker White), a textured backsplash tile or other textured wall features, like shiplap.


Consider it more monochromatic than “all white”.  Matching whites perfectly is nearly impossible.  Choose multiple whites and allow the colours to differ slightly.  It will make your project easier and give you a softer result.


Account for maintenance.  White is great and all, but know it will show every splash, every drip, every oops.  Wiping down your cabinets and backsplash (which may not be part of your normal routine now), will become part of your after-cooking clean up routine.  If the thought of that makes you crazy, the all white kitchen may not be for you.


Try not to use alkyd based paints in your all white kitchen.  They yellow more quickly than latex and can have you painting your walls and ceilings every year or two.


Don’t go for an all white kitchen just because it’s a trend, or because you feel like it’s a safe choice.  Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want your kitchen to reflect you.  Always make the choices that fit you, your family and your home!

Accessorize to Increase Your Kitchens Functionality

Our selection of accessories, are designed for pantries and base cabinets. Make storage and access more practical and efficient than ever before.

Finishing Touches

Add traditional or contemporary functionality and aesthetic to your kitchen with mouldings and decorative hardware.
Refer to our brochures for a full selection.


Dress your cabinetry with an array of mouldings in Melamine, Veneer and Solid Wood finished in any of our colour
options. Complete your look with stunning solid maple Bar Brackets, Corbels and Posts available in both full and
half sizes.

Decorative Hardware

Put the perfect finishing touches on your kitchens drawers and doors with our selection of decorative hardware. Our square or rounded knobs come in multiple finishes and can add the perfect amount of modern or retro flare. Our large selection of pull bars compliment any look, from a moulded traditional feel, to a contemporary edge.