Signature Cambridge Painted White Kitchen

Signature Cambridge Painted White

Transitional Style:

Transitional styles are currently the most popular when it comes to kitchen design, according to the NKBA Trend Watch report.  No surprise, given Transitional styling takes the best of traditional and contemporary styles, blends them up, and gives a clean, timeless appearance that’s neither too feminine nor too masculine.  Transitional style tends to focus more on comfort than form, making for a warm, welcoming space.  When designing a Transitional kitchen, a simple flat panel door, with or without edge moulding is the way to go.  Our simple Shaker, more detailed Transitional (ahem), or wide rail Cascade styles are a perfect choice.

Signature Killarney Ginger Kitchen

Signature Killarney Ginger

Traditional Style:

Think raised panel cabinet doors, think ornate carvings, think tailored window treatments and large print wall paper.  Imagine a tufted divan in plush fabric.  That’s traditional design.  Again, according to the NKBA, Traditional style has fallen out of favour, with most people choosing to go with the cleaner transitional features.  Our Killarney door in maple is a great choice to compliment your Traditional styles.

Urban High Gloss White Kitchen

Select Urban High Gloss White

Contemporary Style:

The most obvious element of contemporary design is line.  Lines should be clean and angular – fewer curves, less fuss.  Unadorned windows, bare floors and neutral colours punctuate the contemporary home.  In contemporary design, less is more.  Our slab doors, especially the Urban High Gloss, pair well with your contemporary kitchen plans.