What colour should my new kitchen be?

The question designers are asked more than any other.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the colour of your new cabinets!

1. Are you renovating to sell?

If so, all my real estate agent friends say when it comes to colour, “Go grey!”.  Not only will it show potential buyers your home has been recently updated, but it can also set you apart from other homes in your market.  Grey has shown to have some longevity (remember, dark brown stuck around for 10 years or so), matches well with new appliance colours and lends itself well to any décor style, whether you choose transitional or contemporary.  There are many choices in the grey palette now: woodgrain, solid, light, warm, cool, dark and dramatic or light and subtle.  Choose what goes best with your existing flooring, trim and décor and take the plunge!

Cabinetsmith kitchen in Jasper Shaker from Home Hardware Fall Market

Cabinetsmith kitchen in Jasper Shaker from Home Hardware Fall Market

2. Are you renovating to stay?

If that’s the case, consider white.  I know, I know.  BORING…but consider: white never goes out of style.  Your door style choice may fall out of fashion eventually, but white never will.  The versatility of a white kitchen frees you up to add colour in ways that make it easy to change with the seasons, or change on a whim!  Right now, I’m loving the white/navy combo…bright, clean white cabinets with navy accents – dishes, appliances, accessories.  See an example here: http://www.wearefound.com/add-color-to-a-white-kitchen/white-kitchen-with-navy-blue-and-gold-accents/

3. Of course, if neither white nor grey are your thing, and you’re renovating your home to stay in it, please, choose whatever colour you like best.

When it comes to colour preference, there really is no right or wrong answer!

Take a look at our website for inspiration and style choices, and find what works for YOU!