Cabinetsmith is a truly Canadian company. 

Everything that goes into a Cabinetsmith cabinet (except our Blum hardware, which comes from Austria) comes from within a 50km radius of our home in Barrie, Ontario.  We don’t import parts from overseas and assemble here, we don’t use imported components, our raw materials and finished goods are all Canadian.

Our Impressions Series and Harmony Series doors are manufactured on site at Cabinetsmith.  Our Select and Signature Series doors are outsourced to local partners, both in the Greater Toronto Area.  Much of our board is processed in Kitchener-Waterloo, and it comes out of a plant in Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario.

We’re so Canadian, every one of our cabinets should come with a side of maple syrup.

Maintaining our “Proudly Canadian” manufacturing model is really important to us.  We love our country and are truly proud of the product we offer.