We’ve seen a trend happening around here at Cabinetsmith, and it’s pretty exciting.

For the first time in our manufacturing history, our wood alternative cabinet door options are outselling our wood doors.  And we couldn’t be happier about it.


What does it mean?  It means homeowners, contractors and developers are choosing the Colours, Textures and Grains of our EcoStyle doors over our finished wood products.  And we’re excited about it not only because our dealers and their customers love our new Canadiana series of doors, but because it allows us to better service our customers, be more responsive, all while reducing our carbon footprint.


The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve experienced means we’re working hard to offer more and more choices.  On June 4 we’ll add white and antique white in the transitional profile to our line up…with more to come over the next few months.

I typically blog about the industry at large, not just Cabinetsmith, but in this case I think we’re a great example of where the industry at large is going.  We’re seeing fewer and fewer kitchen manufacturers innovating and expanding their wood door options.  Not only are wood doors increasing in price while declining in quality, but we’re seeing wood alternative products being more widely accepted in the renovation market in general (think composite decking, laminate and vinyl plank flooring).


Being on the leading edge of real change in our industry is just too exciting not to share!!