Kitchen designers will use their skills to determine a client’s project goals, prepare final plans and create a timeline for the project.  Designers know, and we want to share their insights and how it helps us shape our offering to you.

Cue the new, Hunstville Smooth White Shaker Door! A heavily requested style, will now be a staple to the Cabinetsmith Select Series line-up. Shaker styling and White finish cabinetry have always been a popular choice for years, with Shaker doors simple frame and panel structure and White such a versatile colour.

Huntsville Smooth White Shaker upgrades itself from the typical “orange-peel” texture to a smooth, clean, paint-like finish that offers more style, greater design-ability and most importantly, a more affordable option for home owners when looking for a painted finish look without the setbacks of actual paint. That means no warping/cracking, flakes, or inconsistent finishes.

Smooth white is also available in slab style – “Metro Smooth”. Just like our smooth doors, you can enjoy the smoothness of Grover Washington Jr.’s “Mister Magic.

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Designed to fit within a small footprint,
your vanity display dimensions are:

33.5” WIDE X 44” HIGH X 5.5” DEEP

Your display comes with 10 of the best selling doorstyles
from SELECT & IMPRESSION series.

Every door comes labeled with its Series
offering and vanity / top configurations.

Showcase all x16 NEW hardware options
available with every Vanity order.